Pride Goes Before a Fall
     Beware of a Holy Whore
          an exhibition in two acts

June 30 – August 25, 2013

Opening: Saturday, June 29, 6 - 8pm

Then there’s the story of Wee Willy, the gangster.

Goofy wants to be a children’s nurse so he borrows some clothes from his Aunt Anna, a red-and-white checked calico dress and a big hat. And he tries his luck as a kindergarten teacher, not very successfully though, because the kids all say they’ve never seen such a queer old doll. Goofy gets beaten up by the kids and flings his gear in the trashcan.

At that moment, an escaped convict comes by, Wee Willy, the gangster. He’s no bigger than a 3-year-old girl. He finds Goofy’s gear in the trashcan and puts it on.

On his way home, Goofy bumps into Wee Willy wearing Aunt Anna’s dress. “Poor little homeless mite,” Goofy thinks and takes the little girl home. He dishes up pheasant and partridges and a whole goose, and Wee Willy stuffs himself full. Goofy’s pretty surprised at the little girl’s appetite. But he’s mighty pleased, too and thumps his fists on the table. Wee Willy behaves terribly, but at last Goofy finds joy looking after a child.During the night the house is surrounded by gangsters. No, not by gangsters, by police. They storm the house and find Wee Willy. They recognize him, despite the gear he’s wearing. Goofy’s amazed and asks what they want of a poor little girl. “This is terrible! What has she done? Poor little orphan!” The police inform him that it’s Wee Willy, a wanted criminal. And as the police carry Willy out, explosive as a hand grenade, Goofy says: “Must have been a shock for the poor little girl to find out she’s a crook.”

– Opening monologue in Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s Beware of a Holy Whore, 1971, spoken by Werner Schroeter

The exhibition includes: a sculpture by Duane Hanson, a replica of a hotel bar and several protagonists that will appear weekly throughout July and August evenings in the hotel bar.
On these occasions Cuba Libre will be served.

Protagonists include:

No Bra
An American Family presented by Stuart Comer 
Loretta Fahrenholz
Calla Henkel, Max Pitegoff, & Matthew Lutz-Kinoy
Marie Karlberg 
Ken Okiishi and Nick Mauss 
Emily Sundblad
Wu Tsang
Stewart Uoo 
Peter Wächtler 
Jean-Michel Wicker

Pride Goes Before a Fall / Beware of a Holy Whore – An Exhibition in Two Acts takes place across Artists Space’s two venues at 38 Greene Street and 55 Walker Street. This exhibition is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, a State Agency, public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council, and The Friends of Artists Space.

Artists Space likes to thank the Estate of Duane Hanson, and Van de Weghe Fine Art, New York; the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Foundation; Mount Gay Rum.

Programs Calendar:

Saturday, June 29, 6 - 8pm
No Bra

Sunday, June 30, 9pm
Behave Like an Audience 

Friday, July 12, 7pm
Loretta Fahrenholz

Wednesday, July 17, 7pm
Calla Henkel, Max Pitegoff, & Matthew Lutz-Kinoy

Saturday, July 20, 7 - 11pm
Stewart Uoo Presents
It's Get Better
Rian Pickell
Bailey Stiles
De Se Escobar
Raul De Nieves
LaFem Ladosha
Anna Uddenberg
Celso Satori Labeija
Juliana Huxtable Ladosha
with special guests

Thursday, July 25, 7pm
Marie Karlberg & Leigha Mason
with special guests

Friday, July 26, 7pm
Marie Karlberg

Friday, August 2, 7pm
Stuart Comer Presents
An American Family
with Alan and Susan Raymond,
and Cecilia Dougherty

Thursday, August 15, 7pm
Peter Wächtler

Friday, August 16, 7pm
Jean-Michel Wicker
anti-live performance n°2 : emcee jeanne moreau chante mimi e kleine @ Artists Space...

Thursday, August 22, 7pm
Wu Tsang & Alexandro Segade
Guilt For Shame

Sunday, August 25, 5pm EST
Ken Okiishi, Nick Mauss, and Emily Sundblad

Jean-Michel Wicker
wee willy wanted (la rivoluzione siamo me), 2013