An Evening of Performance

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Blue Room

Ben Boatright (selected by Summer Guthery)
My Anxiety's Pillow, 2008
Duration: 35 mins.

A man and his tools take on a heartless clock in this surrealistic investigation into wakefulness. Through caricature, song, and ritual our protagonist attempts to reconcile his actions and beliefs with the push and pull of fate's gravity. Each hour from 1 to 12 is addressed as an opportunity in waiting, not to be taken for granted.

Black Room

Rajkamal Kahlon (selected by Christopher Y. Lew)
Aktion with a Male Body: Notes from Schwarzkogler to Shahzada, 2008
Duration: 5 mins.
Performers: Rajkamal Kahlon, Jesse Lopez, Erin Shigaki    

Aktion with a Male Body: Notes from Schwarzkogler to Shahzada marks Kahlon’s first public performance and continues her explorations of the transformed and grotesque body within historical moments of crisis. The multi-media piece moves between post-war Austria of the 1960's and our contemporary moment of war, offering a new way of looking at Rudolph Schwarzkogler's work, while reflecting on the impact of technologies on our present individual and collective bodies.

Schwarzkogler, a member of the Vienna Actionists, began his career as a painter and went on to create largely private performances using himself, a model and a photographer. An audio component features the voice of Shahzada, a former Guantanamo detainee and tribal elder from Afghanistan.

Blue Room

Glendalys Medina (selected by Coren Cooper)
One Mic by Nas, 2008
Duration: 4 mins 35 secs. 

The Shank, Medina’s performance character, assumes the four elements of hip-hop, (break-dancing, DJing, mc-ing and graffititi writing), when “it” performs, as The Shank’s gender or physical appearance is never revealed. In One Mic by Nas, a video/performance work, The Shank performs or mimes the art of mc-ing. As The Shank performs select verses of Nas’ song, “One Mic,”  “it” attempts to negate the subjectivity of the artist, as represented by Medina, to erase signifiers of identity - becoming no one and everyone simultaneously, thus questioning constructed notions of identity.

Main Space

Nik Gelormino and Keegan Monaghan
(selected by Meghan DellaCrosse)
the enormous picture
the elegy of Roenig Kartwright, 2008
Duration: 20 mins.