Materials, Money, Crisis
with Nathan Brown,
Craig Buckley, Melanie Gilligan,
Benjamin Lee and Sam Lewitt

Saturday, April 28, 2012
3 - 6pm


Exchange value tends toward its pure state as the idea that circulates through the system, this is something that is realized rather than perverted by finance capital. Production materials are thus left to a contingent logistical future: invisibly linking and betting against complex contracts that hedge technical processes and obsolescence, raw matter and poisonous waste, final products and food shortages, promises of payment, their derivatives, speculations in the art market, etc. The geography of global production continues to expand, even as value contracts to its idea and the paid labor force shrinks. Perhaps this modulation of expansion and shrinkage allows us to generate different forms of material equivalence other than those given advertising space for marketing? For instance, what are the ties that bind the multitude of fingertips stimulating tactile touch screens in NY with the neurotoxin numbed, nerve damaged hands that come from cleaning agents used on production lines in Szchengen? How might we think the material structure of the interface here as a heuristic device for something like a geo-conceptual contraction of production, circulation and consumption?

– Sam Lewitt

An afternoon of presentations by artists Sam Lewitt and Melanie Gilligan; Nathan Brown, a researcher and lecturer in philosophy, poetics and technology; architectural critic and writer Craig Buckley; and anthropologist Benjamin Lee.