Standard Evaluation Materials
Lucy Raven 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Lecture Performance

Standard Evaluation Materials is an illustrated lecture by artist Lucy Raven examining some of the visual and sonic tests used by the motion picture industry to standardize projection equipment. These samples of picture and sound are used to calibrate a theater's playback system in accordance with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer's "Recommended Practices," along with those of other standards agencies. 

While the content of these tests is idiosyncratic, they are specifically engineered to achieve an evaluation of a theater's projector and speakers towards an objective standard – the attempt is to minimize subjective variables and achieve a uniform sensory experience. As economies and technologies dictating changes in the motion picture industry have shifted, so have standards and recommended practices. The material directly embodies a relationship between sensory affect, and its location within globalized systems of regulation and circulation.