Working the No Work
A conversation between
Georgia Sagri and Stephen Squibb

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Artist Georgia Sagri’s contribution to Whitney Biennial 2012 comprises an evolving installation on the museum’s fifth floor mezzanine. As a site for a series of performances by Sagri over the course of the three-month exhibition, under the title Travailler Je ne travaille pas (working the no work), her regular presence is framed as a process of producing, editing and publishing a “live book.” Sagri’s performances revolve around a variety of repetitious compositions of sound and gesture – the central theme of these acts and the installation as a whole is the nature of work, and in particular the notion of “working the no work,” an effort to articulate and disturb structures of capitalist labor. For this event Sagri will be in conversation with writer Stephen Squibb, discussing her Biennial project and broader concerns around the relationship between performance, anarchy, political organizing and the (art) institution.  

Stephen Squibb is a founding member and artistic co-director of installation theater producers Woodshed Collective. He writes regularly for, art agenda, and n+1. Recent texts include “The Materialist Gesture: On Quentin Meillassoux” in French Theory Today, (The Public School, New York), and “Dispatches from Occupy Boston” in Occupy!, (Verso). He is a PhD candidate in English at Harvard University.

Georgia Sagri
Travailler Je ne travaille pas (working the no work), 2011-2012.